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Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon

Simon Kelly, one of the race organisers, composed a song for the event which captures the spirit of the event. Click on the note to hear the song.
It can be a little slow to get going, depending on your computer set-up.


I want to go where the sun shines

Where the river flows and the quiver trees grow.

To a place I know my soul will be revived.


I want to go where the rocks and cliffs rise up from the trail

I want to run through the space into the setting sun.

Itís here I feel alive with a challenge to survive -

Even though I sometimes wonder whatís on my mind.


The sand is like the sea Ė rough and yet serene.

And the sky runs up as far as the eye can see.


I know I feel the pain as the sweat drops from my brain

Runs into my eyes as I cross this hot terrain.


I have overcome my fear and I know the end is near

I will leave this place - as I know Iíll be back again.


The finish line is near Ė I can almost taste the beer

As I forge towards the end with quickened pace.


And when all this is done Ė Iíll be happy that Iíve run

Now I yearn for rivers, rocks and sand and space.

Cause it draws me back again when I cannot feel the pain

Yes the sunsets, rivers rocks and sand and space

Yes, it draws me back again to the desert and the sand

To the sunsets, rivers rocks and sand and spaceÖ

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